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Ahorcado (Hangman) is an interactive version of the classic word game in which one of the players (which, in this case, is the AI) thinks of a word, and everyone else guesses what it is by choosing letters one at a time. With each mistake, a part of the figure (a man hanging from the gallows) is drawn, and when the drawing is complete, you lose.

You can play Ahorcado with a friend or against AI. It has a huge database of over 33,000 different words, organized into three levels: easy, medium, and difficult. This is ideal so that kids of all ages can enjoy playing.

The interface is very simple and is exactly like the game as it's played on paper, making the words and the mental task of guessing the most important aspects.

Hangman is a classic game that despite the passage of time is just as much fun as ever. The best part is that you can learn by playing and having fun.
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